Novel anti-biofilm mechanism for wireless capsule endoscopy in the urinary tract: preliminary study in a sheep model Amos Neheman*†, Claude Schulman‡ and Ofer Yossepo[...]
Every week the Editor-in-Chief selects the Article of the Week from the current issue of BJUI. The abstract is reproduced below and you can click on the button to read the full art[...]
Michael R. Abern, Stephen J. Freedland and Brant A. Inman Division of Urologic Surgery, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA Obesity is a worldwide epidemic: it is estim[...]
In the present study, we performed CTL therapy in a patient with metastatic bladder cancer, who had relapsed after M-VAC therapy.   Authors: Kogenta Nakamura MD, PhD1; Kazuhir[...]
We describe a patient who presented with findings suggestive of acute cholecystitis and cholangitis.    Authors: Hani M. Babiker, MD1, Robyn E. Stiefeld1, MD, and Holenarasipu[...]