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Editorial: Fake news about benign prostatic hyperplasia on YouTube

YouTube is a widely used video‐sharing and social networking platform. It contains a large volume of content about medical topics, including urological conditions. In this issue of BJUI, Betschart et al. [1] examined the quality of 159 YouTube videos about surgical treatment of BPH with ≥500 views. The median overall quality of videos was poor (2 out of […]

Editorial: Does Dr Google give good advice about prostate cancer?

In this issue of BJUI, Rezaee et al. [1] report on Google trends as a barometer of public interest in PSA screening and different types of prostate cancer treatment in the USA. Not surprisingly, they found a decrease in Google searches about PSA screening after the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) issued a Grade […]

Editorial: Shift from protocol-based to personalized medicine in active surveillance: beginning of a new era

The use of active surveillance (AS) is rapidly expanding worldwide, with rates as high as 74% among patients with low-risk prostate cancer in the nationwide registry of Sweden [1]. Despite increasing uptake of this strategy by patients, there is no consensus among the medical community as to the ideal criteria for selection and monitoring [2]. For example, […]

Editorial: Prostate biopsy decisions: one-size-fits-all approach with total PSA is out and a multivariable approach with the PHI is in

The days of using one PSA threshold to trigger a biopsy for all men are over, and the field has moved toward a more individualized approach to prostate biopsy decisions, taking into account each patient’s specific set of risk factors. Foley et al. [1] provide compelling evidence supporting the use of the Prostate Health Index (PHI) […]

Controversies in management of high-risk prostate and bladder cancer

Recently, there has been substantial progress in our understanding of many key issues in urological oncology, which is the focus of this month’s BJUI. One of the most substantial paradigm shifts over the past few years has been the increasing use of radical prostatectomy (RP) for high-risk prostate cancer and increasing use of active surveillance for low-risk disease [1,2].  […]

Editorial: Time to replace PSA with the PHI?

Yet more evidence that the PHI consistently outperforms PSA across diverse populations The Prostate Health Index (PHI) has regulatory approval in >50 countries worldwide and is now being incorporated into prostate cancer guidelines; for example, the 2014 National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines for early prostate cancer detection discuss the PHI as a means to improve […]

Social media makes global urology meetings truly global

The use of social media continues to expand in urology and the BJUI is proud to be at the forefront of these efforts. All of the global urology meetings now have their own twitter feed, which is indexed using a ‘hashtag’ (e.g. #EAU14, #AUA14). Analogous to a Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) in PubMed, hashtags are […]

Editorial: The age old question: who benefits from prostate cancer treatment?

Widespread PSA-based screening has dramatically altered the profile of newly diagnosed prostate cancer in many countries. Although screening effectively decreases the rates of metastatic disease and prostate cancer death [1], the increasing proportion of low-risk disease necessitates a critical assessment of the need for aggressive therapy. Active surveillance and watchful waiting are potential alternatives to delay […]

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